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Register for Art Intensive

Art Intensive  
is our Summer art experience for children and teens ages 10 and up. The program strives to challenge students by focussing on more complex concepts of traditional and contemporary art. Projects emphasize drawing and painting in our state-of-the-art studios. Past subjects have involved contemporary artists, art history, photography and multi-media to name only a few. Many students return year after year - so our program always involves new ideas and projects which only Paradise Art can do.

Outdoor Activities
Photography projects are weather and time dependant - and a complete itinerary will be provided on the first day of the program. 

Work in small groups  
Limited enrolment lets us encourage each child’s creative efforts and foster their interest in art. We specialize in creating age-appropriate art projects and giving personal attention to help every student achieve their potential. 

Kids deserve more than arts & crafts  
so we developed a program which gives them the opportunity to explore a variety of real art media in a creative setting. Let Art Intensive turn your child’s summer into a season of creative expression and artistic accomplishment. We encourage children to learn, exercise their imaginations and have fun through challenge and achievement. We use only professional quality art materials.  Egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks and macaroni are simply not on our palette! All materials are provided.

Students will experience a variety of art media and techniques including:

Learn the essentials of drawing through a variety of materials. By working in small groups we are able to teach valuable skills, encourage each child’s creative efforts and foster their interests.

From colour theory to painting technique, children will exercise their imaginations and increase their ability of self-expression based on contemporary and historical concepts. 

Take advantage of Summer by improving your photography skills. Anyone can push a button, but what makes photography - art? Past photography projects have been incorporated into our other artwork - or simply mounted and Instagrammed for their own sake. Last year was amazing. Check them out on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Animation & the Art of Film   
Learn the art of claymation. Plan the shot, focus the camera and direct the action. Sculpt, Shoot, Import, Edit and Upload animated films. Animations will be shared on the Paradise Art Youtube Channel.

Explore techniques of the world’s great illustrators and animators. 

 Things to Bring:    
- bagged lunch (No nut products!)  
- drinks / water bottle  
- snacks (No nut products!)   
- smocks are available but we recommend students wear paint-friendly (not your best, easily washed) clothing   
- digital camera / iPhone / smartphone / iPad / etc. (we have extra cameras if you do not have your own)

You may use the lane and our back door. We have 2 spaces for loading. Please do not use our neighbours’ parking areas

Starbucks & Sushi (Optional)  
We love being on Academy Road and will accompany students to our local Starbucks at Academy & Lanark during afternoon breaks if a note and sufficient money are provided. If you are tired of making bagged lunches by the end of the week - we also will accompany students to Sushi California on Friday to purchase a take-out lunch if a note and sufficient money are provided. 

Films & Photos
Animated (claymation) films will be uploaded to our website and our Youtube channel Last year’s films can also be viewed. Photos will be displayed on our Instagram